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ETI Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS) Software Feature Summary
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·         Site Specific Source Monitoring

o    Single Site Multiple Parameters

o    Multiple Sites with Multiple Parameters

o    Timeshare CEMS, i.e. 1 CEMS monitors 1 – 4 stacks while meeting USEPA 40CFR60 Code

o    Configured for specific permit requirements

·         Configurable to acquire data parameters such as O2, SO2, NOX, CO, temperature, pounds/hour, etc.

·         Configurable Hardware Controller Functionality (software controlled)

·         Disaster Recovery System

o    2 computers running separate instances of ETI CEMS software provides a redundant backup

·         Software interfaces with Control Room Monitoring Systems via OPC, 4/20 mV and all other industry standards using flexible IO interfaces.

·         System Warnings and Alarms

o    Exceedance warnings and alarms indicate source pollutant levels are breaching permit limits

o    Failed Calibration alarms indicate need for system assessment and adjustment

o    Common trouble alarms appear and provide immediate feedback when 1 or more system components are out of spec, and if necessary will shut down sampling in order to protect critical system hardware. Some examples include: H20 alarm (water entering the sample stream), Chiller malfunctions (temp too high), Sample pump failure, etc…

·         Cloud Based Communications and Messaging Systems

o    Configurable SMS (Text messages) and email notifies key personnel in the event of system alarms and warnings

o    Cloud based storage facilitates reporting and data review from any computer or device with internet capabilities

·         Calibrations (drift assessments)

o    User configurable Calibration Cylinder setup for high precision calibrations

o    User configurable automatic daily calibrations

o    User configurable automatic quarterly calibration gas audits (CGA)

·         Data Display

o    Data displayed as raw parameter values and configured calculated values (for example, parameters corrected to standard 15% O2 or pounds per hour)

o    Simultaneously displays configured parameters from both sources in real-time, as well as 5-minute averages, 1 hour averages, and 3 hour averages

o    User configurable graphs show ‘live data’ that can be viewed as a scrolling chart in the above time slice formats

·         Reporting Capabilities (SQL Server database)

o    User configurable reports for any/all parameters (any number of user configurable reports can be saved for future reporting)

o    Daily and Monthly Calibration data reports

o    Pre-configured Monthly reports (any parameters)

o    Pre-configured Monthly reports (system warnings/alarms)

o    Automatic Daily and Monthly reports can be set to automatically print at the end of each day/month and be saved directly to other computers on the network such as the plant EM.

·         Logging systems

o    Maintenance log functionality replaces or adds redundancy to typical physical log books

o    System log records notable events for researching system uptime/downtime or possible data anomalies

o    System utilizes smart monitoring to track plant up time versus CEMS downtime to report required EPA CEMS uptime percentages to the advantage of the plant.

·         Fuel delivery specific configuration provides precision accuracy for corrected algorithms

Timeshare CEMS Monitoring 2 Stacks

Multiple parameters from both sources are viewed on the main screen of ETI's data acquisition software.

Custom Graphs

Visualize trends with multiple viewing options on the Live Graphs screen.

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